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Icarus House-Made Meze & Entree

                                                               Greek Lemon potatoes V GF $11.00
       Tzatziki V GFA $9.00                                    Freshly baked potatoes with lemon, garlic & herbs
       Greek yogurt, garlic, cucumber and dill.
                                                               served with tzatziki.

       Tirokafteri V GFA $9.00                                 Kolokithokeftedes V GF  $7.00
       Greek feta dips with grilled red peppers, parsley, herbs.  Lightly fried zucchini, carrot and dill balls
                                                               served with tzatziki.

       Melitzanosalata VE GFA $9.00                            Grilled Haloumi V GF (4 pieces) $7.00
       Roasted eggplant, grilled red pepper, garlic, extra virgin   Cypriot grilled haloumi cheese with lemon and
       olive oil and lemon juice topped with parsley.          oregano.

       Eliá Dip V GFA $9.00                                    Saganaki V GF $8.00
       Greek olives, Greek feta, cream cheese, dill, flaxseed & herbs.  Lightly fried golden crust Kefalograviera cheese
                                                               served with lemon.

       Kapoto V GFA $9.00                                      Spanakopita V $7.00
       Greek carrot dip with walnuts, garlic and yogurt.       Spinach, feta, parsley & herbs filo pastry rolls
                                                               served with tzatziki.

       Hummus VE GFA $9.00                                     Greek Fries V GF $7.00
       Chickpeas, tahini, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.   Feta and oregano served with tzatziki.

       Icarus Avocado Dip VE GFA $13.00                        Greek Street Corn V GF $7.00
       Avocado prepared tableside made with fresh avocado,     Grilled corn cob with spices, Greek feta, dill
       walnuts, tomato and oregano & lemon.                    & Greek yoghurt.

       Taramosalata GFA $9.00                                  Icarus Stuffed Chilli V GF $7.00
       Fresh roe, lemon, potatoes & herbs                      Stuffed grilled chilli with Greek feta, cream cheese,
                                                               garlic and herbs

       Trio Dips $21.90                                        Eliá GF VE $7.00
       Any combination of 3 dips.                              Greek olives with Greek olive oil, lemon, herbs.

       Octopus GF $9.00                                        Dolmades GF VE (6 pieces) $7.00
       Grilled octopus served with herbs and lemon.            Grape Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs
                                                               served with Tzatziki.

                                              All dips served with pita bread.
        Vegetarian (V), Vegan (VE), Gluten Free (GF), Gluten Free Available (GFA) options are available, please let our staff know.
                                    Public holiday surcharge %10 for dine in and takeaways

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